• Our Customer Drive

Whether it be the supply of a fan or controller from stock, or the design of a complex ventilation system, Hydor provides an exemplary customer service approach.

Our extensive resources and expertise comes from a dedicated sales team structure, to comprehensive technical support that is unsurpassed; culminating in a continuous improvement culture.

Customers worldwide have access to expertise and problem solving capabilities second to none. Hydor ensures that customers needs are met - wherever they may be - with the highest standard of care, expertise and flexibility.

Whatever the application, and however specialised your requirements may be, we will evaluate and develop the most efficient solution for your project. The requirement for expertise, technical know-how and the ability to get together with the customer, ensures the right environment for the best possible solution in our markets.

Behind every aspect of product development at Hydor there is a permanent goal of continuous improvement. Hydor’s benchmarks are functionality in every application, ever better quality and the highest possible performance efficiency in our products.

Right from initial concept, to screening, market testing and prototype, to the final product - every detail and aspect is stringently evaluated, ensuring the optimum product for our customers.