• The Early Days

Established in 1963, Hydor initially imported fans for poultry applications. As the business developed, so did Hydor’s capabilities, application knowledge and expertise in supplying a wide range of original equipment manufacturers in the UK market.

Hydor’s continued growth established the company’s presence in the agricultural markets of South Africa, Australia and Italy, as well as becoming a dominant supplier in the Middle Eastern Countries with high performance fans and control panels.

Hydor also moved into industrial ventilation with the development of the High efficiency range of fans, also fundamental to poultry farming applications.

In the mid eighties, The Turbulator fan range developed Hydor’s presence in Horticulture and Industry. Side wall and roof ventilation units complimented an extensive range, by now, widely used throughout the agricultural marketplace.

Hydor has always been proud of its history and now, as always, Hydor products feature the attention to detail you would expect - all drawn from the company’s philosophy of designing around the customers specific requirements.