HXRUS Agri-Jet Silent

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HXRUS Agri-Jet Silent

Product Overview

Hydor have developed a version of their renowned Agri-Jet specifically to address stringent noise emission legislation where installations are in proximity to residential buildings - the largest unit in the range emits just 47dBA at a distance of 3 metres.

Meeting the criteria of local planning authorities is becoming increasingly difficult as most standard fans produce similar levels of noise. During the day time hours of 7am -11pm, noise levels of 55dBA to 63dBA are generally permitted. At night between the hours of 11pm - 7am, when fewer fans are normally required thanks to lower external temperatures, this reduces to only 45dBA to 57dBA. When planning permission is being sought, even lower noise levels would be preferable and therefore more readily accepted by the relevant authorities.

Features & Benefits

  • The additional attentuator allows for a lower discharge sound spectrum to be generated to meet planning authorities criteria.
  • A cushioned rubber edging minimises noise when outlet shutter blades fall into the closed position. Blades are inter-linked to eliminate lifting in cross winds and the associated noise this can generate.
  • Enhanced airflow generated by the high efficiency fan coupled with low back pressure resistance means minimal operating costs
  • Low silhouette design provides tidy and unobtrusive appearance.
  • Supplied as ready assembled units for either on or off ridge installations the units are simple and cost effective to install compared to circular vertical discharge units
  • Easy inteal access for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Agri-jet top sections can be coloured to suit local planning requirements, at additional cost.


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