HCF Ceiling Fan

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HCF Ceiling Fan

Product Overview

HCF ceiling fans present a straightforward, low cost approach towards air circulation. 

Hydor’s ceiling fans have adjustable speed settings, so that when on low speed, Hydor ceiling fans will recover the warmer, hot that is confined at ceiling levels, ensuring that this does not escape through the roof. 

Our ceiling fans will push the air down and around in a circular motion, spreading the air evenly throughout the building, therefore eliminating cold spots and draughts.

Features & Benefits

  • Capacitor start and run motor fitted with ball bearings. Class E insulation, suitable for 40°C ambient operating temperature.
  • HCF fans are supplied with two down rod lengths as standard. The short down rod is 150mm, suitable where the fans are mounted below the ceiling or roof height, for example, beams. The long down rod is 400mm in length.
  • An additional safety feature of the ceiling fan is a steel cable which passes through the drop rod, connecting the motor body to the J-hook mounting bracket.
  • Ease of installation which can be carried out by a qualified electrician.
  • Low capital investment yields returns sooner.
  • Fully Reversible - Where minimal air disturbance is required, HCF fans can be fully reversed at the flick of a switch. With this setting, the air is forced upwards to the ceiling area, then down the walls to the desired area.
  • Flexible for either summer cooling and comfort or heat conservation.
  • A full 12 months warranty on all HCF Models.


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