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Product Overview

The Chemilizer is a proportional liquid chemical injector that injects a precise amount of chemical in proportion to a volume of water.

The Chemilizer is driven by water flow, rather than electricity. It can run off water flows as low as 4L per hour and will work with gravity via as little as 1.5m. head of water.

The speed of the motor and pump are proportional to the water flow, ensuring Chemilizer will inject consistent amounts of chemical regardless of fluctuation in water pressure and flow. Chemilizer injectors are ideal for applications requiring a consistent level of chemical product to be injected into a water line, without the cost and hassle of an electric pump or filter.

Features & Benefits

  • Chemilizer injectors are immune to electrical surge and power
  • Corrosion Resistant Construction – Silicone and Viton components available to withstand the most aggressive chemicals
  • Chemical resistant – The chemical is injected after the motor; avoiding chemical contact with critical motor parts
  • Works with any water source – the diaphragm water motor is unaffected by sand or minerals in the water
  • Tailored to your specific dilution needs – Six dilution ratios available
  • Easy and Low cost maintenance – typical maintenance is tool-free


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