HDSF Destratification Fan

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HDSF Destratification Fan

Product Overview

Hydor’s Destratification Fans are installed in the ceiling space to redistribute warm air towards floor level, where it’s needed most.

Warm heated air rises to the highest point of an enclosed area, thereby causing cooler air to reside at floor level. Traditionally temperatures have been maintained at floor level by continued and pro-longed use of heaters to saturate the entire building with heat. This results in much higher fuel consumption and relative energy expenditure.

With Hydor Destratification fans installed in the ceiling space, the accumulated warm air is redistributed down towards floor level and re-circulated around the building.
This operation creates a more even temperature around the housing and allows the floor level temperature to be sustained for a longer period of time without the prolonged and frequent use of heaters, thereby reducing energy expenditure significantly.

The Hydor Destratification Fan incorporates the renowned Hydor HXP Fan, one of the most efficient fans available on the market and produces air volumes of up to 3.11m³/s. With a heavy duty construction, the fans are robust for arduous environments. The units include both motor-side and propeller-side guards for safety. Suspension eyelets are fitted as standard.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in 630mm.
  • High efficiency fan easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Suspension eyelets fitted as standard for easy installation.
  • Fitted with motor-side and propeller-side guards for safety.
  • Robust, heavy duty construction for arduous agricultural conditions.


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