Evaporative Cooling System

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Evaporative Cooling System

Product Overview

High pressure mist dispersed from a series of nozzles effectively reduces temperatures and controls dust levels. The system can also be run constantly, beneficial for cleaning and disinfection purposes as well as aiding the reduction of Red Mite.

During the summer months the heat generated from the birds, in conjunction with the mechanical extract system ensures the mist is evaporated and the air does not become over saturated.

Mechanical forced ventilation will not, and cannot, cool the inside temperature lower than the temperature outside. Therefore on hot summer days with a temperature of 30°C outside, the lowest possible temperature inside your chicken house will be 30°C using only fans to cool.  An additional cooling system will be required, in order to lower the temperature further.

The Hydor Evaporative Cooling System has been proven to reduce temperatures by up to 6°C on hot days, potentially reducing mortality rates by up to 25%. Energy
usage from fans is also reduced as the temperatures are kept lower, which means the fans run less frequently or at lower speeds. The improved indoor climate also promotes increased feed intake resulting in higher growth rates.

During the winter months the system can also be utilised to increase humidity in the air to the desired level, particularly relevant to young birds when the temperature is kept high with the use of heaters. The heating of air dries it and reduces humidity, but with careful control of the system utilising a climate computer, mist can be injected into the shed in 20 second bursts, to restore the humidity levels to the required setting, without reducing the temperature which is maintained by the heaters.

Hydor can supply the controllers which allow the cooling system to be operated by its own unique control panel or as part of a larger building control panel incorporating fans, inlets, winches and heating products.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces temperatures below the external ambient in summer months
  • Fine nozzles mean the water is evaporated quickly
  • Increases humidity in winter months, particularly useful when using heaters
  • Climate computer controlled for maximum benefits
  • Ulta fine mist produced from quality noxxles quickly interacts with the air
  • Air does not become over saturated
  • Reduced insect infestation
  • Lowers fan energy consumption due to reduced usage
  • Reduced temperature due to solar radiation
  • Simple to install and cost effective
  • Efficient, low water consumption


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