HHWCH Hot Water Coil Heater

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HHWCH Hot Water Coil Heater

Product Overview

The Hydor Galvanised Hot Water Coil Heater has been specifically developed to work in Poultry Units, with hot water biomass boilers or gas/oil fired boilers.

Heater unit
Hot Water Coil Heaters consist of a hot water radiator, arranged horizontally, into which the flow of hot water is controlled with a variable valve. The heaters are designed to be hung from the roof in the middle of the house under the ridge. These units are designed for purpose with a variable speed fan to blow air downwards through the coil to an air deflector/diffuser that directs hot air down and out to spread evenly across the width of the house (variable angles to suit roof pitch).

Control unit
Essential to the effective operation of the heating system, the control unit developed by Hydor enables 3 modes of operation. It achieves this by controlling a variable water valve that varies the quantity of hot water delivered to the heater. Additionally, it varies the speed of the fan using an inverter frequency drive.

Features & Benefits

  • Consisting of a Hot Water Radiator and Fan
  • 3 Modes of Operation – High Heat, Trickle Heat and Destrat
  • Mounted horizontally in the Ceiling- hot air is blown down and outwards across the floor area
  • Robust quality unit of proven design and construction
  • Easy to clean with Pressure Washers


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