HAI High Flow Air Inlets

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HAI High Flow Air Inlets

Product Overview

The Hydor High Flow Air Inlets control the direction, path and distribution of fresh air into a building. Inlets are perhaps one of the most important parts of your ventilation system. By opening or closing the inlet, you regulate the thickness of the air jet, the air velocity, and (therefore) the distance the air flows into the building.

Hydor Inlet systems allow more air according to seasonal changes, by adjusting the inlets to maintain the airflow path and velocity. Inlets can be adjusted manually as required by temperature changes.

During normal conditions the aerofoil type flap guides cold air along the ceiling line to fully temper with the internal air. During hotter periods the flap deflects air downward to create airflow and turbulence at poultry level, therefore relieving animal stress and reducing potential mortality.

Accurate control of the flap is achieved by connecting a pull cord to a winch operated cable or rod system, which in turn can be linked to either sequential, computerised or differential pressure control systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Inlets constructed from durable polyurethane foam
  • A very high degree of insulation
  • A strong structure with a low weight
  • Easy to handle (adjusting, gluing etc) with quick and easy mounting
  • Easy to clean and environmentally desirable
  • Highly resistant to chemicals, aggressive gases and dry rot
  • Inlets can be supplied for either wall or ceiling mounted applications
  • Simple to install either in a new system, or as a retro-fit to upgrade an existing system design


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