HVLB Light Baffle

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HVLB Light Baffle

Product Overview

The control of light ingress in modern farming is very important; Hydor’s Light Baffles allow the farmer to achieve the exact light conditions required to assist in meeting production targets.

Whilst it is important that the general structure of the building is light proof, the requirement for introduction of fresh air and the extraction of stale, dirty air remains paramount. Hydor light baffles are designed to fit to inlets, outlets and wall and roof mounted fan units to reduce the ingress of light in tunnel, reverse-flow, cross-flow and roof extract ventilated buildings.

With correct fitting of the light baffles, light on a bright sunny day which can reach 150-170,000 lux can be reduced to 0.1-0.15 lux (virtually total darkness).

Features & Benefits

  • The black, smooth faced, dull finished vanes are constructed from high quality PVC for longevity and resistance to wear and tear, sunlight and high pressure washers. Vanes are assembled vertically to allow for natural drainage and prevention of dirt build up, with no edges or ribs to block the air flow or trap dust
  • Hydor light baffles are designed to suit all sizes of fan or inlet with easy to assemble ‘snap action’ interlocking method of attaching vanes for trouble free installation and ease of cleaning. Baffles are suitable for high pressure air or water methods of cleaning
  • The vane assembly is built into a galvanised steel frame for strength and reliability and facilitates easy fitting to fan units either internally or externally
  • The aerodynamic shaped double curved vanes of the baffles allow air to pass through easily with minimal resistance whilst absorbing the light and decreasing its intensity. Vanes are set 25mm apart to give optimum light reduction and low resistance to air flow
  • Due to the pressure drop or resistance, the resistance decreases as the size of the light baffle increases. This is because resistance (Pa) is directly proportional to the velocity² of the air passing across or through the obstruction
  • The slower the speed of the air, the less resistance. This should be considered when adding baffles to fans and inlets. The graph opposite provides an indication of the pressure drop against air velocity


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