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Product Overview

Introducing Hydor’s new tubular, dimmable and fluorescent light, the HFTD Lightsaber.

The unit can be mounted or suspended vertically or horizontally and has a built-in diffuser as standard, which prevents shadows and gives a more even light output.

The digital control ensures that the light can be dimmed to 1% of full brilliance, whilst the installation and wiring is simplified by not requiring a separate screened control cable.

The light is ideal for the poultry market and suitable for all operations, whilst using reducing power usage to give the same light output as conventional units.

Features & Benefits

  • Suspended vertically or horizontally
  • Pig tails for easy removal of fitting for cleaning and maintenance
  • Easy installation and wiring
  • Acrylic Outer Tube and End Caps
  • Dimming control from 100% to 1%
  • 1500mm T5 Tubes are supplied as standard
  • Guaranteed for 20,000 hours operation
  • Reduced power consumption compared to conventional units


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