HRH Radiant Heater

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HRH Radiant Heater

Product Overview

Hydor’s tube heaters utilse radiant heat, which is designed to maximise downward radiation, heating the floor first. Tube heaters reduce energy consumption, whilst improving litter quality.

A trial carried out by Farm Energy has demonstrated that tubular radiant heating can play a significant role in reducing heating energy use for broiler production. The heaters get over some of the management problems that are inherent in older type radiant spot brooders, as they are higher in capacity and they spread heat out over a much larger area.

Heaters use a long radiant tube, down which a gas flame is blown. The heat emission area is spread over the length of the heater, uniformity of radiant output
is much better, and unit heater ratings can be much higher. This gets over both the problem of localised ‘spot’ radiant output and having to use a large number of smaller heaters.

Features & Benefits

  • 4 model ratings
  • Three emitter package lengths available
  • IP55 rated burner box and fan, complete with fresh air flexible connector, clips and outlet screen
  • Flake free emitter tube surface - for a safer and cleaner working environment
  • Propane and Natural Gas
  • Aluminium reflectors - the tested and proven superior material - designed to maximise downward radiation
  • Lightweight construction - supplied in 3m sections, easy to assemble and fit
  • Efficient and cost saving heating method
  • CE approved


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