MIST Misting Kit

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MIST Misting Kit

Product Overview

Hydor Misting Kits are based on the principles of evaporative and convection cooling, removing heat by using water vapour and air movement. Evaporative cooling results from the very fine water droplets changing from a liquid into a vapour state and reducing the surrounding air temperature in the process. Convection cooling relies on the velocity and turbulence of the air flow carrying away the heat without wetting the livestock.

When a Hydor Misting Kit is combined with the air flow from a Hydor air circulating fan, the cooling effect is greatly enhanced. Work areas, outdoor recreation facilities and animal enclosures can all benefit from the rapid, efficient cooling that a Hydor Misting Kit and fan can provide, reducing stress and fatigue and improving safety and productivity in the heat of summer.

Using our high quality, precision misting nozzles, an ultra fine mist is introduced into the environment which interacts with the air to cool, clean, humidify and to repel flying insects.

The Hydor Misting Kits work on normal mains water pressures, and incorporate a water connection of 19mm (3/4”BSP) hose thread adaptor with stainless steel filter.

Tube and fittings are constructed from heavy wall 9mm (3/8”) polyethylene, UV resistant, medium burst strength for working pressures up to 125 PSI. Nozzles are high quality brass with stainless steel orifice and pin, O-ring for leak proof assembly.

Features & Benefits

  • An inexpensive system, fitted to Hydor Turbulators suitable for smaller glasshouses
  • Can be suspended from any beam and distributed around the glasshouse
  • Pin-points vulnerable areas
  • Operates from a normal water supply with normal pressure
  • The fine mist is absorbed and is quick to react with the hot air reducing the temperature immediately near the unit


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