HRSBN9 Pilot Ignition Poultry Brooder

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HRSBN9 Pilot Ignition Poultry Brooder

Product Overview

Hydor’s range of radiant heaters have been specifically designed to provide an efficient and cost saving heating method for poultry farms.

Whilst there is a particular emphasis upon commercial rearing of broilers, pullets and other birds, ignition brooders are equally suited for smaller

Features & Benefits

  • 12.kW
  • Electrical supply not required
  • Integrated Gas Valve and Thermostat
  • Unique 60° ‘Angled’ Stainless Steel Insulated Emitter - Larger Surface Area efficiently delivers heat directly to the birds. Enclosed Insulation will not crumble or distort
  • Low Maintenance Pilot Assembly
  • Unique ‘Quick Adjust’ ‘Low Profile’ hanging bracket raises the brooder closer to the roof when not in use
  • Propane and Natural Gas
  • 'Spun' Aluminium canopy - maximises downward heat effect
  • Stainless Steel Pilot Assembly
  • Durable stainless steel gas line from the gas valve to the main burner
  • Average number of birds per SRB40 CE Pilot Brooder; Broilers 2000-3000, Pullets 1500-2000, Pheasants 1500-2000, Ducks 750-1000, Turkeys 750-1000
  • CE Approved


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