Rotem Platinum Pro

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Rotem Platinum Pro

Product Overview

Rotem's Platinum Pro controller sets new standards in the poultry Industry. The large LCD display makes it user friendly and easy to use. The Platinum Pro contains two program selections, the industrial standard “Staged Ventilation” and Rotem's Advanced Dynamic Ventilation.

Features & Benefits

  • The Platinum Pro offers control of the ventilation, temperature, humidity, heating, cooling, lighting, feeding, as well as monitoring and recording bird inventory, bird growth, feed consumption, water consumption and environmental conditions

  • The versatile unit is suitable for poultry farmers seeking first class controller with minimum programming or those who prefer to be involved in every program detail.


  • Microprocessor Computer Controller
  • Keyboard, LCD, Menu and Table Format 
  • Up to 50 Relays
  • Additional 40 Relays, as optional Extra
  • Manual Override Switches
  • Power, Tunnel and Natural Ventilation Control
  • Individual Fan On/Off Switches
  • Variable Fan Speed Control with Analogue Output
  • Circulation Fan Control by Time, Duration and Temperature.
  • Pressure Control
  • Air Inlet Control
  • Temperature Control with Daily Set-points
  • Humidity Control – reduction by up to 4 Fogging Systems 
  • Heating System Control - Heating Switching, Radiant Heating 
  • Up to 8 Heating Zones
  • Cooling Control by On/Off Switching
  • Lighting Control – Duration by Day or Time or with Variable Light Intensity 
  • Dawn and Dusk simulations
  • Feed Quantity Measurement by Weight with feed container, Silo Weigher or by Calibrated Feed Pulse 
  • Up to 10 Feeding Periods. Duration by time or feed quantity count. Defined quantity per bird 
  • Up to 4 Extra System Controls 
  • Water Quantity Measurement by calibrated Water Meter pulse 
  • Up to 9 Temperature Sensors
  • Up to 4 Humidity Sensors 
  • Weather Sensors for Direction and Speed
  • Automatic Bird Weighing and Recording
  • Flock Management - Poultry Count, Mortality, Growth Day and Feed Inventory
  • Highly Flexible Alarm 
  • Optional Emergency Backup
  • Data Recording – Temperature, feed & water consumption, mortality, heaters, alarms, bird weights, feed conversion, bird data, events record
  • PC Computer Link



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