Rotem Platinum Touch

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Rotem Platinum Touch

Product Overview

Rotem’s Platinum Touch Controller brings together upgraded Platinum functionality along with an extra-large glass touch screen. Based on the Platinum Pro Controller, the Platinum Touch also provides an intuitive, easy to-use interface that offers all the advantages of touch screens to your farms.

The Platinum Touch provides an ideal solution for growers working on-site and who need mission critical data in one screen. The sophisticated interface is intuitive, enabling a simplified set up. This sample screen displays data on the barn temperature, ventilation, bird weight, morality, alarms, and feed. From the screen, you can go to the individual functions with a touch. In addition to the vast bespoke range available, Hydor also manufacture and supply a range of standard units for control of your buildings environment.

Features & Benefits

  • Large screen is user friendly; easy to use and simplifies configuration, control, and monitoring your farm. 

  • Large range of hardware combinations enables extremely flexible system design. 

  • Less wiring to ventilation fans required (when used in conjunction with Rotem’s HUBs). 

  • Expansion boxes support input/output devices reducing the need for central controllers. 

  • Improved software capabilities support an unlimited number of devices, including scales, meters, digital thermostats, and more. 

  • Extended longevity of hardware components. 

  • Minimal internal heat improves durability in hot climates. 

  • Reduced electrical noise levels inside the controller improve signal quality. 

  • Simplified troubleshooting enables detecting faulty cards easily and quickly. 

  • User Friendly 

  • Extra-large glass touch screen 

  • Displays large amounts of data ergonomically 

  • All functions are fully accessible from the touch screen 



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