Standard Control Panel

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Standard Control Panel

Product Overview

Hydor offer standard control panels to meet customer’s requirements and have supplied control panels to Universities, Hospitals, Marine Services, Atomic Energy De-Commissioning Agents, Utility Services, General Industry as well as the Horticultural and Agricultural Industries.

Features & Benefits

  • VMRD Controllers: A manual electronic infinitely variable speed control unit suitable for all markets, with rated miniature circuit breaker to suit the fan current ratings
  • MSC Regulator: Neat and compact, the Hydor MSC infinitely variable electronic fan speed controller fits conveniently into a standard shaver socket enclosure; suitable for all markets, this product can be wall or flush mounted
  • HS Thermostat Range: For pig, poultry, equine and horticulture, Hydor’s range of mechanical thermostats are robust, accurate units ideal for the simple or smaller installation offering accurate switching with a fixed differential of 1°C, in both heating and ventilation mode, with a range of 0-50°C
  • Transformer Speed Controllers: The TC range of five speed controllers for voltage controllable single phase and three phase fans, with a manual rotary selector switch are suitable for all markets
  • Ceiling Fan Controller: An electronic infinitely variable speed control HCFC1.7 specifically designed to operate a maximum of five Hydor Ceiling Fans, designed for dairy, equine, horticulture and building services sectors
  • HE Fan 2 Speed Controller: For pig, poultry, dairy and equine, the Hydor HE Fans are some of the most efficient and versatile fans available on the market
  • LMRG Light Dimmer Range: For poultry, the panel incorporates individual lane switches feeding fused outputs and an override switch to switch the lights to full brilliance
  • Automatic Fan Changeover Panel: A range of automatic changeover controllers to IP51, suitable for all markets, for use with single or three phase twin fan units
  • Remote Emergency Stop Box: A compact plastic enclosure, suitable for all markets, with a Red mushroom headed push button, which can be located at any convenient position to allow an operator to stop a function in the case of an emergency
  • Remote Fan Run/Fail Indicator Box: An Indicator Unit, suitable for all markets, that can be positioned in a convenient place to enable an operator to visually see the existing mode of operation
  • Starters: Hydor are able to offer a range of single phase or three phase coil-operated direct on-line starters to IP55, for all markets
  • MTAS Panels: Mains and temperature alarm panels to monitor and raise alert for both high and low temperature levels. Designed for poultry, pug, horticulture and dairy markets
  • Sequential Pump Control Unit: The Hydor-Logicon Sequential Pump Control Unit is designed to give accurate control of three level settings and a low level alarm in sump pits and sewage tanks, although can be used in any application where normal non-toxic fluids need to be moved


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