Pola XFarm Controller

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Pola XFarm Controller

Product Overview

For quick and simple programming the Pola Xfarm has pre-programmed setting configurations for both “Climate configuration” and “Feeding configuration”. The user can choose between several typical types of climate and feeding control configurations to make for easier set up.

Features & Benefits

Climate configuration
For climate control the Pola Xfarm has the following outputs:

  • 10 x On-Off ventilation Steps with Winter-Summer ventilation mode
  • 0-10V ventilation by inverter
  • 2 x flaps (air inlets) working either by static pressure or Associative or Proportional or Natural mode
  • 3 Heaters - on/off or 0-10V
  • 1 Cooling 

For climate control up to: 16 inputs, 24x on-off outputs and 3x 0-10V outputs are available.

Environmental control
Up to 10 x independent and fully configurable ventilation steps according to following typical options:

  • On / Off
  • Fan speed control by transformer
  • Proportional by 0 -10 V for triac / inverter speed control
  • Or a combinations of the three systems above

Up to 2 independent flaps (air inlets) working either by static pressure by Depressiometer or Associative or Proportional or Natural mode (by 0-10V or by feedback potentiometer). 

Up to 3 ON-OFF or 0-10V heaters with independent temperature probe.

Controls of cooling system by temperature and % RH.

Humidification according to temperature and % RH.

Average temperature value
Up to 2 probes can be connected to measure the indoor ventilation temperature. These probes, along with the heating and the flaps probes can be connected to create an “average” temperature value as a mix of the temperatures as recorded by the above probes.

Humidity probe
The %RH probe affects Ventilation, Cooling and Humidification systems.

C02 - NH3 probe
CO2 and NH3 probes affects Ventilation systems.

Heating and ventilation options can be set to run automatically according to the day of the batch.

In the Archive are recorded daily values of internal and external temperature, daily working time of heaters, total working times from cycle start-up.

Temperature, humidity, air-pressure, C02-NH3, recording all the alarm events (including alarm exclusions). All the alarms are recorded in the archive.

Feeding configuration
For feeding control the Pola Xfarm can have outputs for the following:

  • 1 Silo with load cells or without load cells (volumetric system)
  • 1 Bird weigher
  • Water supply
  • Lights (either working in on-off mode or by 0-10V regulation)

For feeding control up to: 8 inputs, 6 on-off outputs and 1 0-10V outputs are available



Pola XFarm Controller Installation & Maintenance Size 3.33MB Download