Control Systems I&Ms

Hydor can supply systems to control all aspects of ventilation and associated products.
Bespoke Control SystemsBespoke Control Systems
Bespoke Control SystemsInstallation & MaintenanceComing Soon
Rotem AC2000Rotem AC2000
Rotem AC2000Installation & MaintenanceSize 5.4MBDownload
Rotem CommunicatorRotem Communicator
Rotem CommunicatorInstallation & MaintenanceSize 5.2MBDownload
Rotem Platinum JuniorRotem Platinum Junior
Rotem Platinum JuniorInstallation & MaintenanceSize 6.7MBDownload
Rotem Platinum PlusRotem Platinum Plus
Rotem Platinum PlusInstallation & MaintenanceSize 6.7MBDownload
Rotem Single Function ControllersRotem Single Function Controllers
Rotem Single Function ControllersInstallation & MaintenanceComing Soon
Standard Control PanelStandard Control Panel
Standard Control PanelInstallation & MaintenanceComing Soon
SuperguardInstallation & MaintenanceSize 1.7MBDownload