Ventilation & Cooling I&Ms

After more than 40 years of creating the right environmental conditions for producers, Hydor can boast a thing or two on ventilation systems and design. We understand that ventilation requirements change with time of day, season, temperatures, humidity, wind and animal age, and can recommend or create a system with these changes in mind.
Evaporative Cooling SystemEvaporative Cooling System
Evaporative Cooling SystemInstallation & MaintenanceSize 58.6KBDownload
Fan CoversFan Covers
Fan CoversInstallation & MaintenanceSize 49.4KBDownload
Fan GuardsFan Guards
Fan GuardsInstallation & MaintenanceSize 50.0KBDownload
HAI High Flow Air InletsHAI High Flow Air Inlets
HAI High Flow Air InletsInstallation & MaintenanceComing Soon
HCF Ceiling Fan HCF Ceiling Fan
HCF Ceiling Fan Installation & MaintenanceSize 88.5KBDownload
HDSF Destratification FanHDSF Destratification Fan
HDSF Destratification FanInstallation & MaintenanceSize 56.6KBDownload
HGS Gravity ShutterHGS Gravity Shutter
HGS Gravity ShutterInstallation & MaintenanceSize 252.5KBDownload
HIMF Mixed Flow FanHIMF Mixed Flow Fan
HIMF Mixed Flow FanInstallation & MaintenanceSize 216.8KBDownload
HIT Centrifugal Extractor FanHIT Centrifugal Extractor Fan
HIT Centrifugal Extractor FanInstallation & MaintenanceSize 505.9KBDownload
HPFA Pedestal FanHPFA Pedestal Fan
HPFA Pedestal FanInstallation & MaintenanceSize 73.2KBDownload
HSQS Centrifugal Box FanHSQS Centrifugal Box Fan
HSQS Centrifugal Box FanInstallation & MaintenanceComing Soon
HSU Side Wall Easi-FitHSU Side Wall Easi-Fit
HSU Side Wall Easi-FitInstallation & MaintenanceSize 290.7KBDownload
HTS Turbulator Recirculation FanHTS Turbulator Recirculation Fan
HTS Turbulator Recirculation FanInstallation & MaintenanceSize 59.3KBDownload
HV Belt Drive FanHV Belt Drive Fan
HV Belt Drive FanInstallation & MaintenanceSize 157.4KBDownload
HVCN Metal Cone Exhaust FansHVCN Metal Cone Exhaust Fans
HVCN Metal Cone Exhaust FansInstallation & MaintenanceComing Soon
HVFB Typhoon FanHVFB Typhoon Fan
HVFB Typhoon FanInstallation & MaintenanceSize 113.5KBDownload
HVLB Light BaffleHVLB Light Baffle
HVLB Light BaffleInstallation & MaintenanceSize 106.2KBDownload
HVWC Wall CowlsHVWC Wall Cowls
HVWC Wall CowlsInstallation & MaintenanceSize 113.2KBDownload
HVWL Weather LouvreHVWL Weather Louvre
HVWL Weather LouvreInstallation & MaintenanceSize 61.9KBDownload
HWFA Wall Fan HWFA Wall Fan
HWFA Wall Fan Installation & MaintenanceSize 162.7KBDownload
HXP Plate FanHXP Plate Fan
HXP Plate FanInstallation & MaintenanceComing Soon
HXRU Roof Mounted Agri-JetHXRU Roof Mounted Agri-Jet
HXRU Roof Mounted Agri-JetInstallation & MaintenanceSize 314.9KBDownload
HXRUS Agri-Jet SilentHXRUS Agri-Jet Silent
HXRUS Agri-Jet SilentInstallation & MaintenanceSize 294.6KBDownload
HXVLS Destratification FanHXVLS Destratification Fan
HXVLS Destratification FanInstallation & MaintenanceSize 1.4MBDownload
MIST Misting KitMIST Misting Kit
MIST Misting KitInstallation & MaintenanceSize 44.6KBDownload
Tube Ventilation SystemTube Ventilation System
Tube Ventilation SystemInstallation & MaintenanceSize 126.9KBDownload