• Crop Storage

As a leading manufacturer of ventilation products to the agricultural sector, Hydor is driven by achieving a system design that is not only cost effective to the crop producer, but helps protect the crop itself.

For more than 55 years, Hydor have been provided flexibility in environmental control within crop storage units to keep the produce in first class condition.

Produce must be in optimum condition to achieve premium returns. It is essential when storing produce to maintain optimum climate conditions.

Crop storage produces high quantities of heat, which along with excess humidity, needs to be removed to prevent premature germination and rodent infestation. Hydor can design and supply efficient ventilation and control products to ensure the environment is perfect for the crop.

Hydor fans and systems can be used in conjunction with drying and cooling fans, to improve overall conditions by providing a simple and cost effective solution to eradicate heat moisture.

We specialise in the following:

  • 1Stirrer store - temperature drying
  • 2Crop store - drying & cooling
  • 3Roof Extract
  • 4Drying