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Inadequate ventilation is the most common mistake made in modern horse facilities. Whether race horse breeder or private owner and enthusiast, the welfare of your horses is essential.

Hydor design and supply a wide variety of air circulation fans, evaporative cooling systems and ventilation products for horses, which ensures healthier, more comfortable environmental conditions for the horses, workers and the very fabric of equine buildings.

The objective of ventilation is to provide fresh air to the horse. Ventilation is achieved by simply providing sufficient openings in the building so that fresh air can enter and stale air exit.

Ventilation is needed to remove heat from the stable in hot weather and provide a cooling breeze over the horse, which is more comfortable than hot, still air. During warm weather the stable doors and windows are usually open to aid the movement of air through the stable, whilst during the cold weather the stable is often managed with closed windows and doors to keep chilling winds off the horse.

In winter, the purpose of ventilation changes from heat removal to controlling moisture, odours and ammonia that have built up in the more closed environment of the stable. The consequence of moisture build up is an increased risk of condensation, intense odour, more ammonia release and pathogen viability which contributes to respiratory infection.

We specialise in the following:

1.   Horse Stalls

2.   Indoor Riding Arenas

3.   Tack Rooms

4.   Horse Barn Ventilation