• Horticulture

For more than 55 years, Hydor have provided flexibility in ventilation applications within glasshouses, polytunnels and garden centres. Ensuring that the system designs increase air movement and offer significant effect in reducing fungal diseases such as Botrytis, particularly in winter months when vents are closed and natural air flow is reduced.

Ventilation systems for horticulture are more than fans alone; a properly designed and installed ventilation system offers controls, automated inlets and outlets, re-circulation fans and evaporative cooling.

Hydor’s extensive range of products allows us to provide the industry with the very best in ventilation, glasshouse climate control and irrigation control systems. Our control systems provide a comprehensive array of features including the supply, operation and regulation of fans, curtains, heaters, cooling systems, management programs and data monitoring and collection. Along with an extensive range of drive systems to enable control of roof and side vents.

As designers and manufacturers of complete environmental ventilation and control systems, we have worked closely with commercial growers to provide optimum results in the management and output of their crops with minimal initial outlay and operational costs. In this age of rising fuel and energy prices, potential profits can be quickly reduced by wastage as a result of insufficient or incorrect ventilation.

Whether your business is glasshouses, polytunnels or garden centres, Hydor has the equipment and systems to provide your produce, staff and customers with a comfortable environment.

We specialise in the following:

1.   Glasshouses

2.   Garden Centres

3.   Polytunnels