• Hydroponics

Hydroponics is playing an increasingly important role in agricultural production, providing commercial and domestic growers with a wide variety of fresh produce, whether fruit, vegetables, cut flowers or any other leading crops.

In terms of Hydroponics fans and associated ventilation equipment – Hydor is a must.

With more than 55 years of accrued experience in the agricultural and horticultural industry, Hydor remains as innovative in air movement solutions as the day it was established.

With vast experience in ventilation and our state of the art Research & Development laboratory combined with the extensive facilities of our larger parent company Elta Group, Hydor is able to provide reliable, accurate data that growers can apply with confidence to their every day Hydroponics needs.

Hydor products stand out from the crowd in many areas including the design and choice of materials, their noise and performance characteristics and their product attributes. Most importantly, are the benefits that come from our constant efforts to unite Hydor’s products with our customer’s expectations.

We specialise in the following:

1.   Small Grow Rooms & Commercial Glasshouses