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Hydor is a leading manufacturer of Heating and Ventilation products to the pig sector.

Hydor is driven by achieving a system design that is not only cost effective to the farmer, but enhances the pigs performance at the same time.

Since pigs are housed according to their age, the need to understand their precise heating and ventilation requirements is an important prerequisite of their environmental control.

Pigs require warmth, as well as a dry bed and protection from winter draughts and summer heat. Furthermore, there are minimum requirements for fresh air, space, and the hygienic conditions to ensure that the pigs accommodation through its growth cycle providea stable, defined air temperatures, thereby enabling growth of the animal, with feed utilisation being improved at the same time.

Because of their sensitivity to temperature conditions at different stages of their growth cycle, the right environment ensures pigs display stable behaviour. As social animals, this is an important facet to their ability to interact with other pigs in the group, as they tend to be kept in large numbers in one defined area.

We specialise in the following:

1.   Farrowing House

2.   Weaning House

3.   Fattening House

4.   Breeding Sow & Heavy Hogs