• Poultry & game

After more than 55 years of creating the right environmental conditions for poultry producers, Hydor can boast a thing or two on ventilation systems and design.

Whatever the application; hatcheries, pullets, free range eggs, barn eggs, battery hens or the broiler industry, with intense and free range housing, Hydor will evaluate and develop the most effective solution for your project.

Hydor can supply heating, ventilation and control solutions to cater to every aspect of a poultry producer’s requirements.

As ventilation requirements change with the time of day, season, temperatures, humidity, wind, animal age and density, Hydor’s flexibility in matching client requirements enables poultry producers to enhance animal welfare, growth and feed conversion.

We specialise in the following:

1.   Broilers

2.   Breeders

3.   Hatcheries

4.   Free Range

5.   Laying Birds

6.   Pullets