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With large quantities of birds housed in one place, temperature changes within a poultry house can have a big impact on production due to heat stress – and we know all too well how easily illnesses can spread.

A suitable heating and ventilation system is an essential element of wider poultry house design in helping to prevent overheating and controlling disease. From my own experience, I’ve seen how one bad day can never be fully recovered and can have a large impact to my customers’ livelihoods. If a system breaks down, birds can quickly become hot and distressed meaning viruses and bacteria are able to thrive.

With this in mind, we know how vital it is that your system is kept running and downtime limited. To give you a helping hand during times of need, we recently launched our new ASSIST service.

Designed to provide 24 hour support to poultry farmers, our team of experts are on hand 365 days a year so that any issues concerning the ventilation, temperature or lighting of a poultry house can be quickly resolved – keeping both your facilities and brood performing at their very best.

So, whether you’re concerned your coop isn’t warm enough or that it’s becoming too humid, you can be rest assured out team of experts will be able to provide a solution to keep your birds as comfortable as ever.

For more information, visit our Hydor ASSIST page.

John Lack, General Manager at Hydor Ltd