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With vet bills as costly as ever, investing in a suitable method of ventilation can prove to have long term benefits for your cattle with far less impact on your yield and profits.

The best option
Having visited many barns across the country, I’ve seen a number of different ventilation systems tried and tested – but regardless of which might be the most popular, it’s important to find the most suitable system for the barn in question. Solutions such as a Tube Ventilation System offer a worthwhile investment as they can be tailored to suit all shed types, all whilst avoiding draughts and condensation problems thanks to their intuitive design.

By providing fresh air direct to the animals, this type of ventilation system can be linked to temperature and humidity sensors to adjust the volume of air accordingly through specially designed plastic or fabric ducting, to ensure a uniform air exchange.

One step ahead
Investing in ventilation as a proactive measure in preventing infection doesn’t have to be expensive and doesn’t always require a complete refurb of a barn. Systems which are simple to install, such as a Tube Ventilation System, all help to limit the disruption caused to the shed keeping stress levels low for the animals and running costs low for you.

Fitted above animal height, the plastic ducting contains small openings which allow air to disperse evenly to deliver a constant, but gentle, supply of fresh air to the animal’s habitable location. The flexible nature of the materials used means holes can be positioned according to the stock positioning and the individual barn’s requirements.

Helping to provide better air circulation, dilute foul air and ensure even temperatures – no matter the outside weather conditions – these systems remove condensation and damp quickly and effectively, making it a cost-effective solution to preventing respiratory infection.

Dean Llewellyn, Sales Engineer at Hydor