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Over the past five years, I’ve had plenty of experience working with in poultry farming, having helped out at a friend’s farm in my spare time. I already owned a plot of land, so when the opportunity came for me to build my own shed and take up chicken farming full-time, I decided to take the plunge.

So why Hydor? I’d come across the brand while working for my friend, and I’d become pretty familiar with control panels and comfortable working the system. Having seen the products in action, I also knew how reliable their products were – which made it an obvious when it came to designing my own sheds.

The set-up

The land sits right on the edge of an area of outstanding natural beauty, so I knew I’d have to be mindful of factors such as ammonia dispersion and noise levels when it came to specifying the chicken house.

With that in mind, I decided to opt for 10 HXRUS Agri-Jet Silent ridge fans and 72 HSU Side Wall Easi-Fit side inlets to make up the air ventilation system, and also purchased a custom control panel and lighting through Hydor.

I knew that this set up would give me the results I was looking for, and would also help to remove any stale air from the poultry house without creating draughts – which is exactly what you need in order to keep the birds healthy and happy.

To make my job that little bit simpler, the team at Hydor programmed the minimum and maximum temperature range during set-up, meaning the control unit could automatically adjust the ventilation to reach the temperature I needed, while also considering the outside weather conditions.

A good example of this was during the summer months where, due to the warmer weather, the ventilation had to work much harder to keep the birds at the optimum temperature. At the end of the day I knew I didn’t have to worry – as the ventilation system is automatically controlled, I could relax knowing there would always be plenty of fresh air supplied.

The feedback

We put the first crop into the shed in July 2016 and now, 12 months down the line, it’s safe to say we’ve had a successful year of production. The shed was finished to the highest quality and was completely built for purpose, and this has been reflected in the health of the birds, and the satisfaction of our supplier.

With such good results the first time round, I’m already looking at what the future might hold for me. My son has also come to work on the farm full time, so building a second chicken house is definitely on the cards. I couldn’t fault the Hydor ventilation system so I’ll definitely be looking to work with them again in the future.


Pete Molloy
Talwarn Farm, Wrexham