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Fans are among a wide range of industrial and domestic equipment affected by the Energy Related Product directive (ErP) which is being introduced in stages as part of the global commitment to reduce energy consumption. Stage one came into effect in 2013 with a further update in 2015 and more to follow in 2020.

Established more than half a century ago, Hydor is a specialist supplier of ventilation, heating and control equipment for agriculture and horticulture. The company is a leading manufacturer of fans and all products carry a CE mark to signify that they meet all current efficiency regulations.

Hydor - believes that, despite the additional increased production costs necessary to improve the energy efficiency of the fans' motors and impellers, the payback will be considerably reduced energy consumption.

"Improved efficiencies will provide significant savings in electricity bills for growers which will more than cover the additional costs of the new motors within a short payback period," explains Alan Macklin, Group Technical Director.

"The major investments we are making to achieve a high level of energy efficient fans will continue to benefit our horticulture customers ahead of the continual tightening of legislation," explained Mr Macklin.

Hydor Ltd is part of the £90 million Elta Group, a family of businesses with operations in six countries on four continents which, together with a network of international distributors, provides quality fans and related air movement equipment to customers worldwide.