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Hydor is celebrating its 55th anniversary this year, and employees have been reflecting back on some of its key highlights from over the years.

Formed in 1963 and having joined Elta Group in 2003, Hydor is the oldest company within Elta Group and offers a wide range of ventilation, heating and controls for specific agricultural needs.

  • Hydor celebrates 55th anniversary
  • The agricultural specialist remains located at its original base in Salisbury, Wiltshire
  • Hydor provides ventilation and heating solutions on an international level and across a range of markets


With over five decades at the forefront of agriculture, how has Hydor developed since its humble beginnings in 1963?

Over the last 55 years, Hydor has expanded its range of products and services significantly, building a strong reputation across a variety of markets, including poultry and game, dairy and beef, pig, equine, horticulture, hydroponics, and crop storage.

From its original base in Salisbury, Wiltshire, Hydor is renowned for its experience in agriculture and livestock ventilation, with a combined service of 100 years from its five longest-standing employees.
Some of Hydor’s greatest accomplishments over the past 55 years include key projects and product developments such as:

  • Completing 12 sheds with full ventilation and controls for Aviagen Turkeys
  • Supplying reliable ventilation systems for four sheds at Court Farms Chickens in Hereford
  • Designing the Agri-Jet, a high velocity jet extraction unit which removes stale air, dust, moisture, ammonia and smells from pig and poultry sheds.


Geoff Angel at Hydor, comments: “I joined the company back in 1986, and it was at this time that the company really started to take strides in its product development. We launched the Turbulator fan range which greatly advanced Hydor’s presence in the horticulture industry. In my 32 years with the company, I’ve been involved with plenty of new product innovations. For me, what truly sets the company apart from any other though is that despite these developments, the family ethos of the business hasn’t changed one bit, which is great.”

Andrew Mann, National Sales Manager at Hydor, comments: “Hydor’s first market was poultry but since then we’ve grown from strength to strength and now provide ventilation and heating solutions on an international scale and across a range of markets. Animal welfare will always be at the heart of what we do, and going forward we’ll be providing more innovation and a wider product range with a strong focus on efficiency. Here’s to the next 55 years.”