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Hydor has completed a new build, equipment supply and installation for Shed 6 at Charlton Farm in Walcot, Wellington, Telford which has significantly increased the bird population of the farm.

We look back on the fascinating and fruitful career of Dennis Farr as he celebrates 50 years service to the poultry industry with Hydor.

Earlier this year, poultry farmer Dale Wilson started on work to extend his poultry barn and increase his stock to 18,000 birds in order to expand significantly egg production on his farm in Llanbister, Powys.

Fans are among a wide range of industrial and domestic equipment affected by the Energy Related Product directive (ErP) which is being introduced in stages as part of the global commitment to reduce energy consumption.

All animals have what is known as a ‘thermal comfort zone’. A temperature range within which the animal’s comfort is optimal. In the case of dairy cow this zone is between -13°C and +25°C with a body temperature of between 38.4°C and 39.1°C.