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Yolks for Folks is a poultry farm run by farmer Allan Steen in Stanley, Falkland Islands. The company supplies brown table eggs to the market in half dozen and dozen boxes.

There's a popular misconception among livestock farmers that in order to keep animals healthy, they need to install rows of fans the length of the shed and control the ventilation through a highly expensive and complex control system.

We are delighted to announce the acquisition of Bowden & Knights into the Elta Group of companies, joining existing brands Hydor and The Poultry Hut within the Group's agricultural portfolio.

Hydor's new Tube Ventilation System (HVSS), which supplies fresh air to all parts of a livestock building has been unveiled.

Poultry farmers are struggling more than ever before to make decent returns for their efforts. Many of today's best poultry farms are micro-managed and there are numerous challenges involved to ensure successful shed management.