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Some kind words from our loyal customers. Have a browse and see how Hydor can help you.

rhys lewis

"I would recommend using Hydor as a company, they are a fantastic team. If you have any problems, they are at the end of the phone and if you have any breakdowns, they are there within 24 hours to fix the problem."

Rhys Lewis
Young farmer of the year, 2012

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poultry 01

"My cattle appeared much more settled as a result of the improved ventilation. It’s a much more pleasant place to be - for the animals, the herdsmen and visitors alike."

Dawn Coryn
Treginegar Dairy Farm

"Control of the fans and heat source is an important and integral part of the system, You’re saving on the energy used to run the fans - and only providing ventilation depending on the birds’ needs."

Charles Simpson
Alan Simpson Farming


"The fans have made a huge difference, the cows are now lying down comfortably in their individual cubicles rather than standing up to try and get the airflow moving across them."

Nick Keen
Keens Cheddar, Haynes Farm

"The cooling capacity of the system is excellent. The herd is milking better and is far more comfortable. Moreover, our problem with flies in the parlour has been dramatically reduced."

Mark Hornbuckle
Ivy House Dairy Farm

poultry 01